Round Bubble Vase & Planter

149 AED

Not just a decorative piece, this Round Bubble Vase & Planter is also functional and can double as a planter. Its spacious interior allows you to display your favorite flowers and plants, bringing life to your space. Made from high-quality ceramic material, this vase is durable and long-lasting, ensuring it will be a cherished addition to your home decor for years. Its neutral color makes it easy to match any decor style, making it a versatile choice for any household.




Looking for a stylish way to display your favorite plants? Look no further than the Round Bubble Vase & Planter. With its sleek white ceramic design, this round bubble vase and planter is a chic and modern addition to any home. This vase will make a statement whether you’re using it to hold flowers, succulents, or other plants. It’s simple yet elegant design is perfect to display at any occasion, from casual dinner parties to formal events.

Beautiful & Versatile Design: This Round Bubble Vase & Planter decoration is a beautiful addition to any interior design. It’s simple, modern shape is ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to your living room, dining room, or any other space. It can also be a planter, making it an incredibly versatile decor piece.

Durable Construction: Crafted from premium ceramic that is strong and long-lasting, this circular vase will stand up to the rigors of everyday life. The glazed finish adds an extra layer of protection against chips and cracks while ensuring the color stays vibrant and true.

Impress Your Guests: Whether hosting a dinner party or celebrating a special occasion, this white round bubble vase will help make your table look stunning. The chic design will impress your guests and bring out the beauty of your flowers or greenery.

Wedding & Event Ready: This decorative piece can still be beautiful to any gathering, even if you’re not hosting an event at home. This white round bubble vase looks great for wedding decorations or other special events, adding a touch of refinement without detracting from the rest of the decor.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance: Cleaning this Round Bubble Vase & Planter ceramic Decoration couldn’t be easier – wipe down with a damp cloth for quick maintenance that takes just minutes!


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