Geometric Pear-Shaped Vase

249 AED

The Geometric Pear Shaped Vase is a medium sized and versatile product that allows you to create your own unique vase or candle holder. The pear shape adds elegance to any decor, and the geometric design creates an interesting play of light and shadows. The mold is crafted from high-quality materials and is built to last. It’s easy to use and perfect for DIY projects. You can create beautiful, unique pieces to impress your friends and family. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting, this mold is perfect for anyone who loves to create and decorate.



The Geometric Pear-Shaped Vase is a fun and creative product that lets you make unique home decor pieces. The mold’s medium size makes it ideal for use in various settings, and its DIY aspect allows you to be as creative as you like. Crafted from high-quality materials, this mold is durable and built to last. The geometric design adds visual interest, and the pear shape adds a touch of elegance to any decor.

Beautiful Decorative Design: This charming Seabee DIY Geometric Pear Shaped Vase adds a unique and stylish touch to your home decor. Its medium size is perfect for displaying on shelves, mantels, or accent tables.

Easy to Use: With no assembly required and no complicated instructions, you’ll have your vase up and ready quickly. Place it in your desired spot and enjoy!

Quality Materials: The Seabee DIY Geometric Pear Shaped Vase is made from high-quality materials that are designed for long-term use. It also features an attractive finish that won’t fade over time.

Perfect Gift: Show someone you care by gifting them this one-of-a-kind decorative piece. It makes the perfect housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift for friends and family!


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