Dragon Tree

199 AED

Introducing “Dragon Tree”, the perfect plant to bring life to your home. With its unique shape and attractive foliage, this easy-care plant makes a statement that will last for years. Its mass of long, slender leaves arch outwards and upwards, forming a dense rosette. Plus, it’s super low-maintenance and totally pet-friendly. Bring a touch of nature to your home with “Dragon Tree”!

  • Unique
  • Low-maintenance
  • Impressive trunk


Transform your home into a beautiful oasis with “Dragon Tree”. This unique plant is sure to add a splash of character to any room, with its impressive trunk and lush green leaves. Perfect for low-maintenance gardening and adding a touch of nature to your living space, “Dragon Tree” is the perfect addition! Discover why this special plant has been a favorite among gardeners for years, and make it yours today.

Unique & Striking Appearance: “Dragon Tree” is a unique and striking plant that offers a beautiful addition to any home or garden. It’s dark green sword-like leaves, with bright yellow edges, make it a stunning feature for any outdoor space.

Easy Maintenance: “Dragon Tree” requires minimal care, making it an ideal choice for busy homeowners. It’s resistant to pests and can withstand dryness, making it incredibly low maintenance.

Natural Air Purifier: “Dragon Tree” is great at purifying the air in your home, thanks to its natural ability to absorb toxins and odors. It helps to create a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Fast Growing: “Dragon Tree” is a fast-growing plant that can reach up to two meters in height within the first three years of growth. With proper care and regular pruning, you can enjoy the full beauty of this plant without waiting too long!

Versatile Placement: With its compact size and sturdy stems, the “Dragon Tree” can be placed indoors or outdoors in direct light or partial shade. You can even put it in an indoor container for easy transport.


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