Vintage Beauty

599 AED

Vintage Beauty arranged on black face sculpture is a stunning and vibrant way to add color to any function or party. The plumes come in various beautiful colors, from creamy white to soft pink and bright yellow. This combination of colors creates a lively and dynamic look perfect for those who love a bold and vibrant aesthetic. They work well as a statement piece for decoration or as an accent on a shelf or mantel.



Vintage Beauty Flowers

To further enhance the natural beauty of the pampas grass, our florists have paired it with a sleek and contemporary vase, adding a touch of modern sophistication.

Our Vintage Beauty arrangement is a stunning and unique display that celebrates the natural beauty of pampas grass in all its variety and glory. Order yours today and experience the beauty and wonder of this breathtaking arrangement!

Beautiful Multi-Color Design:

Brighten any event, domestic place, or office with this stunning Vintage Beauty! This piece will surely bring a unique and stylish flair to any area, featuring an eye-catching mix of colors ranging from vibrant blues to stunning bronze hues.

Exquisite Craftsmanship:

 This beautiful brass has been expertly crafted for durability and quality. The precise detailing featured in the design showcases the artisans’ skill and ensures that it will last for years.

Versatile Usage Options:

This Vintage Beauty can be used in various ways – from decorating your home décor to sprucing up commercial space or any event. It is sure to attract attention no matter where it is placed!

Easy Maintenance:

 This piece requires minimal upkeep and maintenance, making it ideal for busy households or anyone who wants an easy way to add color and style without worrying about complicated maintenance tasks.

Affordable Price:

 This beautiful piece can be yours without spending much. Its affordable price point makes it perfect for everyone who wants to add a little style without sacrificing their budget.


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